The EEOC Year-End Countdown blog will be your one-stop source for critical information regarding the EEOC’s litigation and investigative strategy and ways for employers to protect themselves in this high-alert time. The EEOC files more lawsuits in the last eight weeks of its fiscal year (July 1 – Sept. 30) than any other period. Seyfarth Shaw expects that the EEOC will set another record in 2012, filing more suits during the next several weeks than the rest of the year combined. The EEOC Year-End Countdown blog will ensure you remain up to speed on the government’s most recent tactics and inform employers of the battle-tested ways to address the Commission’s alarmingly aggressive agenda.

Christopher J. DeGroff

Chris has the perspective and tools that allow him to craft creative solutions to the thorny litigation and business problems involved in bet-the-company cases. Whether developing the architecture for a nationwide class case involving thousands of employment decisions, or organizing an effective plan for addressing scores of single-claimant cases across a portfolio of work, Chris’ dynamic and nimble approach to large-scale issues is the foundation of his practice.

Rebecca Bjork

Rebecca assists clients in navigating all stages of the litigation process—from initial investigation to discovery, motion practice, appeals, and ultimate resolution. Clients facing class action, government-initiated or other systemic lawsuits recognize the huge potential risks and costs involved in defending against them. Such lawsuits are often referred to as “bet the company” cases—for good reason. Rebecca has experience and proven success in drafting early pretrial motions, writing persuasive trial court and appellate briefs, assembling evidence to support them, and creating successful litigation strategies. She helps her clients navigate the risks associated with complex civil litigation.

Alex S. Drummond

Alex S. DrummondAlex’s practice includes the representation of management in employment litigation matters before state and federal courts, at trial and appellate levels, as well as federal and state agencies, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Florida Commission on Human Relations. In this role, Alex has extensive experience defending multiplaintiff discrimination/harassment cases, class and/or collective actions, as well as lawsuits initiated by the EEOC.

Dana Howells

Dana is a navigator of California employment laws, providing holistic advice and experiential insights. Dana—one of the firm’s “Gurus of the Golden State”—has 30-plus years of practicing labor and employment law in California at an elite level. She brings breadth and depth across subject matter areas from onboarding to termination and everything in between including pay equity and compensation, incentive structure, internal investigations, privacy, reasonable accommodations, leave administration, performance management, wage and hour, handbooks and policies, employee relations, discrimination, layoffs and reductions, WARN laws, and workplace violence.

Lynn A. Kappelman

Lynn is top-of-mind for clients facing a trial, arbitration, or contentious case anywhere in the country. She swoops in with her team of experienced trial lawyers and prepares the case to win. Lynn brings to each case the knowledge of what it takes to go to trial and win. She manages a number of large, national client portfolios, providing strategic and efficient support for clients in their employment litigation matters across the country, whether large or small, simple or complex. She also has significant experience working on noncompete and trade secrets litigation, taking many cases to evidentiary hearing and trial.

Daniel B. Klein

Whether he is offering day-to-day employment counseling or defending clients in adversarial litigation, Dan prides himself on building trusting relationships and providing practical solutions that meet client goals. Employers face increasing compliance obligations every day, while managing a changing workforce that brings new and unique challenges. Clients rely on Dan to navigate these challenges, minimize risk, and stay true to their business and culture. He has handled employee relations issues ranging from day-to-day matters, such as disability accommodation and leave management, to the most sensitive of harassment investigations and high-exposure crises. Dan has represented employers in litigation from single-plaintiff cases where emotions run high and it’s more personal, to the most high-profile and complex class actions under ongoing media scrutiny. Through it all, Dan forms strong bonds with his clients, often developing lifelong friends along the way.

Laura J. Maechtlen

Laura is passionate about helping her clients build strong workplace cultures focused on compliance, diversity, and inclusion. Her goal is to minimize her clients’ involvement in systemic discrimination litigation. Corporate clients seeking to innovate and improve their talent culture look to Laura for her experience and practical advice. Laura is a member of the firm’s executive committee, chair of the national Labor & Employment department, co-chair of the firm’s National Diversity & Inclusion Action Team, and a leading member of the firm’s Workplace Compliance group, which focuses on change management and the delivery of proactive solutions that help global clients avoid mass litigation and develop internal compliance initiatives.

Jennifer Riley

Jennifer confronts and successfully navigates the challenges posed by the most complex litigation matters and defends companies embroiled in class actions, collective actions, and other types of representative proceedings. For nearly two decades, Jennifer has defended companies faced with significant complex litigation matters. She regularly defends companies facing class actions, collective actions, pattern or practice lawsuits, and other types of representative proceedings, ranging in size from dozens to tens of thousands of claims. As such, Jennifer works on the forefront of the developing law in an ever changing arena. She regularly develops strategies for navigating some of the largest challenges faced by corporate America today and counsels employers confronted with a range of complex employment law theories that span from claims of discrimination or sexual harassment to myriad types of alleged wage & hour violations.

David B. Ross

David represents companies in numerous manufacturing and service industries in virtually every area of labor and employment law, and has extensive litigation experience pertaining to ERISA, EEO, Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Veteran’s Re-Employment Act, OSHA, the Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification Act (WARN), and matters involving state statutes governing individual employment rights and benefits.